The Best Carpet Cleaning Recommendations and Tips for Your Home


Vacuum your carpet cleaners north shore every two weeks for two persons, or even more frequently, if they are heavily used. Make sure you use a vacuum of high quality. Wear slippers and socks or remove your shoes before entering the house.

Carpet Cleaning

In order to maintain the warranty, it is necessary to clean your carpets every twelve months. For the best results, regular maintenance should include cleaning of high traffic and heavily used areas. This is done every 3 to 6 month. Cleaning less commonly used areas of carpet, like the bedroom, is better. This will make your carpet last much longer, and it will also be better for you.

Cleaning Spills, Removing Stains

A majority of people cannot tell the difference between stains and spots. Spots result from a foreign matter that’s present either on the fiber or in its vicinity. They can be permanent. Stains come from dyes that are absorbed through the fiber by foreign materials.

We can safely remove permanent stains using our specialized stain removers. But not always and this may be very expensive. The sooner you act, the safer it is and the less costly. The stains will be more difficult or impossible to remove the longer they dry. The same goes for hot tee or coffee, as both become more difficult to remove.

You can remove spots with the following tips:

1. You can use a cloth to wipe up liquids on the surface. Or, if the spill is solid, gently remove it with a teaspoon.

2. Use Action ChemDry’s professional spot removal product to remove spots or use cold water/club soda to dampen down the entire area.

3. Use the bottom part of a teaspoon to apply the Action Cam Dry solution around the spot.

4. The best cleaning cloth is white terrycloth. Press down on the cloth and wipe up any liquid. Avoid rubbing the spot, as you may permanently damage the carpet.

5. It is possible to need repeating the process multiple times. As you turn the towel, check for transfers of staining substances.

6. If you have large, wet stains and the stain no longer transfers, then fold the towel to form a “pad”, place the pad on the stained area, and use books or other weights to press the moisture back into the towel.

Emergency Stains and Spills

It is impossible to clean up some stains, and you as the homeowner cannot. ChemDry technicians have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to effectively remove even stubborn stains. If you are faced with an unexpected situation like this, it is best to follow the steps below. The following are the steps you should take:

1. Be sure to take immediate action to prevent spills from spreading or staining the fabric.

2. Scoop up all the dirt with a teaspoon

3. Work towards the center to prevent spillage

4. Wipe up liquids using a soft, clean paper or cloth towel

5. The spill can be dampened and cleaned with plain warm tap water without having to rub.

6. To prevent a stain or spill from setting in, moisten it with water. Place a dampened cloth over the spot until you can get help.

7. You can call your local carpet cleaning professional immediately.

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