Fill the Mini-Warehouse

Storage management Lianxing Mini Warehouse system. General system to collect, store, and manage hair. The scope of raw materials, finished goods and substandard products database.

Raw Mini-warehouse management responsible for the raw materials, sending and receiving semi-finished goods, as well as management. Storehouse manager to accept the returned products, the hair, the pipework and receive them. Warehouse keeper for substandard goods To be accountable for income from hair, pipework, and other goods that are considered to be inferior. Raw materials, Association of goods and semi-finished product storage. The Mini-Storage warehouse manager is in charge of product returns, and the storage for products that are not used up within a year. Production is responsible to process semi-finished products and finish products for quasi-storage work. To prevent damage to inventory, the ground should be smoothed out for storage or site products.

Many of my friends who are moving house will Xiangwen one-time furniture, but we want to understand the differences between Mini Storage and the warehouses for the removal companies. What is the side of a product? There is a Mini-storage (Mini-storage) that has its own door. With a Smart Card, it allows you to access a 24 hour free warehouse. However, the entrance cannot be accessed by you. Only porters can help you move furniture and home decorations.

How to improve internal control of mini storage? The Mini-Warehouse (Mini Storage) must be completed in the custodian of storage received notification (which is to be numbered sequentially by both parties in advance after signing the transfer of retirement). Once the quantity of inventory or quality issues, you can review the storage notifications and accept the responsibility of one department. Control of the warehouse approval is necessary. Receivers To prevent loss of control, which can lead to waste or corruption. The establishment of a regular and irregular system of inventory, the timely detection of losses is not accurate. It does not match the pricing anomalies, the differences in the time of the inventory. Mini-warehouses, finance and sales departments should have a system that separates incompatible positions. Focus on mixed Kong, the stockkeeper, to prevent embezzlement, or tampering the stock ledger. The mini-warehouse management staff should create a log of each entry.